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Hunan TV

Also known as Mango TV, it is the first and leading channel of Hunan Radio and Television Station. Its famous programs, including "Happy Camp", "Date of Rose", "Tonight News", "New Youth" and "Music Time" have made a great influence among its audience in and out of China. Such popularity is described by the media in China as the Hunan TV Phenomenon best characterized by its entertaining and romantic programs.

Jiangsu TV

Its program broadcast signal ranges all the way from Russia in the north to Australia in the south, from Japan in the east to Eastern Europe and even North Africa in the west, with its audience covering about 72% of the world's population. In year 2008, Jiangsu TV was announced as the most improved satellite TV channel of the year, ranking No. 2 in China, with its signal covering 31 capital cities all 337 prefecture-level cities of the country, which indicates its large domestic market. In 2010, Jiangsu TV completed a full-scale improvement and has now become one of the best and most characteristic TV broadcast platform in China, characterized by it theme "A World Full of Love and a Happy China".

Guangdong TV

Formally known as Lingnan TV of Gunagdong, it is a comprehensive entertainment satellite TV channel owned and run by Guangdong Television Station. Most of its programs use mandarin as the broadcasting language.

Dragon TV

As a comprehensive satellite TV channel, it provides various programs 24 hours a day, including entertainment, TV series, news reports, current politics and sports. Audience out of China can watch the oversea programs through satellites or the local TV network. During the prime time, audience can watch two episodes of TV series, one episode of entertainment program and the Night News.


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