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About UTV

UTV is a revolutionary new IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and IPVOD (Internet Protocol Video On Demand) media platform that brings the best of Asia and International entertainment straight into your home!

By utilizing the power of broadband since 2007, UTV is a pioneer in delivering quality content to your home by way of TV channels and thousands of VOD selections. All you need to start is a broadband connection of at least 1.5Mbps, a New STB Receiver and a TV! It's a simple 'plug-and-play' with no special installation required.

And now…with the New STB, you can enjoy the added features of popular internet apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Douban.FM and many others streamed straight to your big screen TV at no additional charge!

UTV is proud to offer our subscribers Asia's most well-known Live Channels, Movies and TV Series, some never before available to viewers in North America!

There may be similar IPTV services in the USA, but none can match the consistently Best Quality Movies & Dramas and Top Picture Quality that UTV offers!


UTV is proud to offer our subscribers Asia's most well-known Live Channels, Movies and TV Series,70 Chinese Audience favorite channels, some never before available to viewers in North America!

UTV offers Top Picture Quality and UTV's Big Lineup includes:

UTV – Video On Demand (VOD)

U Media Group's library of new and classic productions from Hong Kong's largest TV network and TV producer, TELEVISION BROADCASTS LIMITED ("TVB") are for the first time available on IPTV and IPVOD in North America. Consistently rated the top choice of Hong Kong TV viewers and recognized around the world in overseas Chinese communities, TVB has produced thousands of hours of programming including TV dramas, variety shows, tele-movies, the annual Miss Hong Kong pageant, travel, documentaries, music and cooking programs, as well as local, world entertainment and financial news.

Movie Channel Cantonese Channel Movie Channel

The largest most well known content provider of Asian content in North America brings hundreds of movies and thousands of TV Drama series to UTV. Now available for the first time ever, U Media Group Channel is a fun-filled channel full of the best variety shows, concerts, game shows and more! UTV subscribers will also enjoy access to many of U Media Group's new releases on the same day that they become available in stores! That's right, new releases delivered right into your home with the click of a button!

8I on UTV is an extension of Singapore's leading free-to-air Mandarin channel - Channel 8. It is a channel dedicated to popular Chinese dramas with themes revolving family ties, romance, action, period and much more. It offers fresh content weekly that include both the latest dramas and well-loved classics from MediaCorp's vast library of content.

UTV – Live Channels (TV)

Hunan TV Also known as Mango TV, it is the first and leading channel of Hunan Radio and Television Station. Its famous programs, including "Happy Camp", "Date of Rose", "Tonight News", "New Youth" and "Music Time" have made a great influence among its audience in and out of China. Such popularity is described by the media in China as the Hunan TV Phenomenon best characterized by its entertaining and romantic programs.

Jiangsu TV Its program broadcast signal ranges all the way from Russia in the north to Australia in the south, from Japan in the east to Eastern Europe and even North Africa in the west, with its audience covering about 72% of the world's population. In year 2008, Jiangsu TV was announced as the most improved satellite TV channel of the year, ranking No. 2 in China, with its signal covering 31 capital cities all 337 prefecture-level cities of the country, which indicates its large domestic market. In 2010, Jiangsu TV completed a full-scale improvement and has now become one of the best and most characteristic TV broadcast platform in China, characterized by it theme "A World Full of Love and a Happy China".

Guangdong TV Formally known as Lingnan TV of Gunagdong, it is a comprehensive entertainment satellite TV channel owned and run by Guangdong Television Station. Most of its programs use mandarin as the broadcasting language.

Dragon TV As a comprehensive satellite TV channel, it provides various programs 24 hours a day, including entertainment, TV series, news reports, current politics and sports. Audience out of China can watch the oversea programs through satellites or the local TV network. During the prime time, audience can watch two episodes of TV series, one episode of entertainment program and the Night News.

70 Chinese Audience favorite channels

More Live Channels Coming Soon!

AND MUCH MORE...Featuring hundreds of other programs, from Motorsports to Martial Arts, from Lifestyle to Food & Travel, UTV's wealth of VOD and subscription programming is unmatched on any other media platform in North America!

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