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1. What new content and features are included with the New UTV Receiver?

The New UTV Receiver is much more than a set top box receiver…it's an online streaming full HD media player! Besides online streaming, the UTV Receiver is a powerful full HD Media Player that can play Internet content including popular Apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Sudoku and many more! With the UTV Receiver, you can play not only all your premium UTV programs, but also enjoy streaming videos / music / games and other popular television & movie program apps to entertain your family and friends!

2. What types of content and programs does UTV offer?

UTV has a vast assortment of the latest and most popular Movies and TV Series from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Korea, including first run movies, captivating dramas, martial arts epics, memorable romance and special variety shows and documentaries.

3. How many programs does UTV have and how much does each cost?

Please click here for the Programs lineup.

4. Does UTV offer different program packages? What are included in these different UTV packages?

Please click here for our different UTV plan packages.

5. If I have signed up for a subscription package, can I remove channels to deduct the fee?

No, package prices are fixed.

6. Can I purchase A La Carte channels from UTV and how much?

Yes, we have A la Carte channels; please click here for the channel price list.

7. Can I replay the "Video on Demand" (VOD) programs after buying them?

Yes. You can replay the programs within 72 hours after buying them, regardless how many times you watch them. However, you can play and replay the VOD programs at anytime and as many times as you wish if you subscribe to a Plan which includes Unlimited VOD viewing.