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1. What equipment do I need to have in order to watch UTV programs?

You need all of the equipment listed below:
• UTV Receiver (with remote control, power supply, HDMI cable)
• Television (with Audio/Video inputs)
• Internet Broadband DSL or Cable (UTV recommends 3.0 Mbps or higher connection speed for best quality)
• Router (optional; only if you want to share the broadband between the UTV Receiver and your other computers / devices)

2. How can I find out how fast my broadband internet speed is?

Please check with your Internet service provider. *A Tip* – Many consumers find they are not receiving the full bandwidth they are paying for, so ask your internet service provider to verify the bandwidth you are receiving / paying for.
After you receive and activate your UTV Receiver, you can install the free Speed Test App and check to see what your broadband speed is at any time.

3. Will UTV provide home installation?

There is no need for any special home installation. Once you receive your UTV Receiver, it's a simple 'plug-and-play' process to get set up. If you have any questions about setup, please refer to the Quick SETUP Guide and Quick START Guide included in your UTV Receiver package. You can also check our 24x7 online support knowledge database at or contact UTV Customer / Technical Support during regular business hours.

4. How easy is it to set up the UTV Receiver at my home?

It's as easy as 1-2-3 if you follow the simple instructions in the Quick Setup Guide that comes with your UTV Receiver. Most subscribers will find that it is a simple "Plug & Play" process once you receive and connect your new UTV Receiver.

5. What is included with the UTV Receiver package that I receive?

1. One UTV Receiver.
2. One IR Remote Control (w/two AAA batteries included).
3. One Power Supply unit.
4. One Quick SETUP/START Guide.

6. What video outputs are available on the UTV Receiver?

1. Composite.
2. HDMI.

7. What is the quality of each video output?

1. Best Quality – HDMI.
2. Very Good Quality – Component.
3. Good Quality – Composite.

8. What audio outputs are available on the UTV Receiver?

1. RCA Terminals – analog stereo output – White (Left) and Red (Right).
2. S/PDIF Digital Optical output for 5.1 surround sound delivered through your A/V receiver.

9. What if my UTV Receiver does not power-on?

First, check to make sure the power supply adapter is properly plugged into the UTV Receiver and the electrical outlet. If there is still no light indicator on the front of the UTV Receiver, please contact our UTV Technical Support at 1-415-3338888 .

10. Can I still watch UTV if I move to another location?

Yes, as long as your new location is within the United States, you will be able to continue to enjoy UTV. Just simply move your UTV Receiver to the new location and install as before. [Note: You must notify us immediately when you move so we can update your account to receive the service at your new address.]