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1. I keep seeing the "BUFFERING" indicator on the television screen when watching UTV programs, and sometimes the program delays / stalls. Why?

There are generally two main reasons:
(a.) Your Internet connection speed is not fast enough; UTV recommends a minimum of 3.0 Mbps connection speed for best quality reception. *A Tip* – Many consumers find they are not receiving the full bandwidth they are paying for, so ask your internet service provider to verify the bandwidth you are receiving / paying for. OR
(b.) Your Internet connection speed is sufficient, but there is a lack of enough bandwidth for your UTV Receiver because other Internet enabled devices (i.e. laptops, Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, etc.) in your home are being used at the same time to surf the net, play streaming videos, download files, play video games, etc.

2. Will the quality of my UTV signal be affected if I browse the Internet at the same time?

Yes, the UTV signal is delivered via the Internet, so the quality of the signal received will be negatively affected if your computer is downloading files or surfing the internet at the same time.

3. I am using the WiFi adapter option with my UTV Receiver and I'm having intermittent reception problems. Why?

In addition to the Internet connection speed issues noted earlier, using the WiFi connection option can cause certain other issues such as interruptions when you run your microwave oven or other electronic devices in your home at the same time.
For best quality UTV reception, we strongly advise that you use a wired connection for your UTV Receiver whenever possible in your home.

4. When I turn on my UTV Receiver again after a system reboot, my TV screen is black. What should I do?

After rebooting the UTV Receiver, wait at least 30 seconds. If your TV screen is still black after 10 minutes or more, please contact our UTV Technical Support at 1-415-3338888 .

5. Does the UTV Receiver offer parental control locks?

Yes, you can use the UTV Receiver parental control locks feature by going to the Setup menu selection and setting the parental control locks on any VOD or App. A password will then be required to unlock the VOD or App for viewing.

6. How are program ratings determined?

UTV will reference both Hong Kong and the United States program ratings for all Movies, Films and TV Series.