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Promotions: 30-Day Free Trial Period

1. How do I get the 30-day free trial for UTV?

You can take advantage of the 30-day free trial period by signing up for UTV at or calling our Customer Service at 1-415-3338888 during regular business hours. You will be charged the $50.00 activation fee and $3.00 service fee for one month (plus sales tax if applicable) when you sign up.

2. What IF I do not want to continue my UTV service after 30 days?

Simply call our Customer Service at 1-415-3338888 and let us know your wish to cancel before your 30 days free trial period is up.

3. When do I need to return my UTV Receiver?

You will need to return / ship your UTV Receiver to us within 2 weeks after the plan cancellation date. If you fail to return the Receiver after 14 days of cancellation, or if the Receiver is not returned in good working condition, your credit card will be charged a total of $70.00 (SRP) for the Receiver.

4. Will I receive any refund should I cancel after 1 month?

Yes. You will receive a refund of $25.00 which is one-half of the $50.00 activation fee paid when you signed up. The other one-half of the activation fee is retained by UTV to help offset some of the preparation, shipping and handling costs for providing the UTV Receiver unit.